Trampolining / Trampolînio


This spectacular sport can require a top trampolinist to reach heights of 10 metres whilst performing multiple somersaults and twists. 

As a basic for all kinds of training, trampoline is practised in every discipline that contains acrobatic elements. In its essence, Trampoline is a spectacular discipline that embodies courage, elegance, daring and youth.

Individual routines are made up from 10 skills and are characterised by high, continuous rhythmic feet to feet, to back, front or seat rotational jumping elements, without hesitation or intermediate straight bounces between two elements.

A synchronised competition pair consists of two women or two men. Partners must do the same element at the same time and must start facing in the same direction but they do not need to twist in the same direction.

Our trampolining classes go hand in hand with our gymnastics classes, teaching gymnasts how to be more flexible and in control of their bodies.


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