Intermediate Gymnastics / Gymnasteg Canolradd

Intermediate Gymnastics

For those children that show an interest in developing their gymnastics a little further, we have intermediate Gymnastics. These 90-minute classes allow gymnasts to expand their skills and push themselves further.

This scheme is invitation only and applies to all general gymnastics members over 6 years old who are able to pass all the entry-level skills required on this scheme. Coaches are continually assessing during general classes to find potential intermediate gymnasts.

These sessions are 1½ hours (90 minutes) long. The gymnast must be enrolled on the general gymnastics scheme to learn the skills needed and assessed by a coach before being eligible to start the intermediate scheme. Gymnasts must be over 6 years old.

The gymnasts will have a designated coach and they will all follow the same program set by the team of coaches. Classes are run in a 10-week block for £90.

In addition to this these gymnasts are also welcome to attend our badge days to gain the British Gymnastics Proficiency awards as well.

The gymnasts will be assessed during school breaks and any gymnast on the intermediate scheme can book on. 

Please note that the spaces are limited so it is advisable to book and pay for your session as soon as assessments are advertised. 

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