General Gymnastics / Gymnasteg Cyffredinol

General Gymnastics

It's easy to get started in gymnastics...

Open to children of all abilities from school nursery age onwards to participate in gymnastics.  Gain strength, skills, control and make new friends  in a fun and exciting environment.

These sessions are 1 hour (60 minutes) long and children can join as soon as they start school.

Classess run by school year groups, ensuring our gymnasts are surrounded by people of the same level, and therefore are able to make more progression.

In addition to this these gymnasts are also welcome to attend our badge days to gain the British Gymnastics Proficiency awards as well.


Gymnastics using the vault, trampette, fast track and sprung floor, our rebound classes allow gymnasts to bounce and ricochet through the air.  This breath-taking form of gymnastics is all about somersaults, flips and twists - one after the other.  Our safe, friendly environment means that it's really easy to get into tumbling, regardless of your ability.

These classes are best suited to gymnasts with a  bit of prior experience.


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