Adult Gymnastics / Gymnasteg i Oedolion

Lessons are pay as you go and are £7 per session

Gymnastics Daytime


11.15 am to 12.45 pm

Gymnastics Evening


8 pm to 9 pm

Trampolining Evening


8 pm to 9 pm

Adult Gymnastics & Trampolining

Looking for a fresh challenge? Whether you're new to gymnastics or wanting to get back into the sport, adult gymnastics at Fusion Gymnastics makes it easy and fun.

Just for fun and fitness, that's great. Want to get into competing, we can help there too.

I started going to adult gym when class started a couple years ago.  Have loved it ever since!  So much fun, Steve is a great coach and pitches to all abilities in the class


"An exiting exhillirating way to keep fit, strong and healthy.  No matter what skill level you are the superb coaching allows you to progress, develop and build your confidence.  Add in the social element, and it adds up to a really fun experience every session!"

-Kate J

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