Badge Days / Diwrnodau Bathodyn

Badge Days

Want to show off what you've learnt, and earn a badge for your hard work?  Our badge days allow you to do just that...

The Core Proficiency Awards Scheme has been developed by British Gymnastics for Primary School age children aged 5 upwards.

It is delivered only by British Gymnastics’ qualified Coaches, and is built around 10 different types of activity – such as Strength, Jumping, Rolling and Balancing – with 8 levels of attainment, with level 8 being the easiest. This makes it a great way for gymnasts to build skills and recognise achievement.

We hold at least one badge day a month. They are around an hour long and they are usually on Sunday afternoons.

Badge days cost £8.50 per session and this includes your child’s badge and certificate which is awarded at the end of the session.

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