Volunteering / Gwirfoddoli

Do you want to help out the gym?

Try Volunteering!

Parents Fundraising Committee

Parents for Fusion Future is a charitable  group helping to raise funds to support the children of Fusion Gymnastics.  Parents of any of our members can join the committee.

As a volunteer, you can help us raise money for the gym, helping us to improve our facilities and equiptment.     

Please phone 01443 229548, or email info@gym-fusion.com to find out how you can help.

Sports Leaders

If you're a former gymnast or someone who wants to get into gymnastics coaching, becoming a sports leader can start you on your journey.

Sports leaders must be at leats 13, and will go on a one day official Welsh Gymnastics Training Course.

After completing this course, leaders can work with qualifies coaches in the gym, teaching gymnastics.

Leaders can then go on to do a coaching qualification, if they're 16 or over.

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